Rita Ratush


Rita is a long time resident of Philadelphia and Bucks County, she has her own unique and personal perspective expertise on residing both in the city and it’s diverse neighborhoods as well as the suburban life. Both come with it’s own intricacies, trends and rhythm. After graduating from Temple University majoring in Business Administration with concentration in Real Estate, she began her career in the Information Technology field working in the corporate Information Technology world such as Lockheed Martin , Educational Testing Service and Merck. After a long break raising her 4 amazing children, and her own personal challenges, Rita went back into the Real Estate world, which remained her passion back from the college years. Coming from an Immigrant family from the former USSR, Rita was just 11 years old. Rita’s parents came into this country with 2 children, elderly parents and just $400 in their pocket and not a word of English. But they were not fazed or complained, rolling up their sleeves they worked arduously day and night, 7 days a week to put food on the table and provide for their family. They eventually persevered with hard work, tenacity, sacrifices and incredible work ethic. When they finally bought a house, the Ultimate American American Dream, it was the happiest moment in the family’s life! That experience taught Rita from an early age, despite life’s ups and downs, that this is what it takes to succeed by hard work, strong work ethic and resilience. It is Rita’s belief, what differentiates her among her peers and colleagues is a very strong desire to help people from all walks of life. Her greatest passion, by far, is to help people. This intrinsically drives her and gives Rita the greatest reason to get out of bed each and every morning! This trait was acquired and learned from her family who taught her about real altruism. They always gave more than they ever could to our family, friends, acquaintances and even complete strangers without expecting anything in return. As a Realtor, Rita brings these special qualities to the table when working with her clients. Her work ethic, dedication, tenacity, integrity and transparency makes her unique in this industry. Whether it’s buying or selling your home, or investing for their family’s future, Rita is always humbled and honored to be an integral role in her client’s biggest milestones of their lives. This is something that she does not take lightly or for granted, but considers it her greatest honor and privilege to ensure that her clients purchasing or selling process proceeds with the least amount of stress and as smooth as humanly possible. Always putting her client’s needs above all, she always goes the extra mile, well above and beyond and always treats people the way she would, herself, would want to be treated.

Rita Ratush


Designations & Awards
Temple University Bachelor’s Degree